Magnesium Anodes

Having the highest driving voltage (most negative electrochemical potential) of all the materials used for sacrificial anodes, magnesium anodes are an effective and economical sacrificial anode solution used primarily in soil or aqueous environments where the electrolyte resistivity is expected to be higher than average.

By creating an easier and more attractive source of oxidation, magnesium anodes prevent or slow down the rusting of steel structures that they are connected to. Magnesium anodes are widely used for cathodic protection of on-shore pipelines and fresh water vessels such as river or canal boats.

At Jennings Anodes we manufacture magnesium anodes using pure magnesium ingot and our advanced casting technology to ensure the purity of the alloy is always maintained throughout the process. Our casting process allows us to avoid impurities, such as oxidation slag inclusion, and other common defects often found from the conventional hand casting techniques.

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