High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes

High silicon cast iron anodes are amongst the most widely used anodes for ICCP systems. Due to their high content of silicon(14% – 16%), the anode surface is oxidized with a thin film of hydrated silicon oxides (SiO2), which serves to protect the anodes from metal pitting. The high silicon cast iron anodes exhibit extraordinary corrosion resistance and low consumption rates when subject to a low-pH environment. They have a long history of use in the protection of buried and submerged structures from corrosion.

Jennings Anodes manufacture a full line of high silicon cast iron anodes in various configurations (tubular, solid rod or packaged in coke backfill), sizes and current ratings. Having previously manufactured Durichlor-51 anodes in vast quantities, we have developed strict quality controls for the chill casting process in accordance with the leading industry standards; meeting X-Ray Level 1 as per ASTM E186/E446, chemistry to either ASTM A518-99 Gr 1 or 3. Currently, our two foundries in the UK produce more than 3,000 tons of high silicon cast iron anodes per year.

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