Jennings Anodes is a reputable supplier of high quality anodes and corrosion control products in the United States. With decades of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional products and customer service. Our comprehensive range of anodes and corrosion control products are used in various industries, including oil and gas, marine, offshore, utilities, electrochemical and infrastructure.

At Jennings Anodes, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and cost effective solutions to meet their specific needs. We understand the importance of protecting critical infrastructure from corrosion, and our team of experts works closely with customers to design and develop customized solutions that address their unique challenges.

We have been a pioneer in the development and production of high silicon cast iron (HSCI) anodes. Our first batch of HSCI anodes, which was produced over 65 years ago, laid the foundation for the use of this technology in corrosion prevention and control. Jennings Anodes has since then continued to innovate and improve our anode products to better meet the needs of the customers in various industries. Our anodes and corrosion control products are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technology and materials. We take pride in our attention to detail and quality control processes, which ensures that every product we supply meets or exceeds industry standards.

Headquartered in USA, Jennings Anodes operates the business on a global scale. We have set up three branch offices in Sunderland (UK), Singapore and Damman (Eastern, Saudi Arabia). It enables us to delivering first-rate service for face-to-face project communication and after-sale guarantee. Whether you need standard anodes or customized solutions, Jennings Anodes is your trusted partner.

Jennings Anodes Headquarter in Houston
Headquarter in Houston, Texas
Jennings Anodes Warehouse in Houston
Warehouse in Houston
Jennings Anodes UK Office in Sunderland 1
UK Office in Sunderland, England
Jennings Anodes Singapore Office 3
Asia Pacific Office in Singapore
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