Project Type: Industrial Production

  • Sodium Hypochloride Generator

    Sodium Hypochloride Generator

    A sodium hypochloride generator is a system where diluted brine solution goes through an electrochemical reaction, producing sodium hypochloride as its final product. The hypochlorite ion can then release oxygen free radicals [O], which are highly oxidative when present in solution.

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  • Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis

    Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis

    Similar to fuel cells, electrolyzers consist of an anode and a cathode separated by an electrolyte. Different electrolyzers function in different ways, mainly due to the different type of electrolyte material involved and the ionic species it conducts.

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  • Printed Circuit Board Production

    Printed Circuit Board Production

    PCB copper plating is a process where copper cations are driven by applied electric field and being reduced at the cathode surface. It’s a metal electrodeposition process that cooperate with liquid phase mass transfer, electrochemical reactions and electrocrystallization.

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  • Electrolytic Copper Foil

    Electrolytic Copper Foil

    Electrodeposited copper foil is manufactured through the deposition of copper ions, onto the cathode drum via electrolysis. High-purity copper is first dissolved in acid to form a copper electrolyte solution, this copper electrolyte is then pumped into the electrolyzer where an electrically charged rotating titanium drum is partially immersed.

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  • Electrolytic Organic Synthesis

    Electrolytic Organic Synthesis

    The severe limitations of fossil fuels and finite resources influence the scientific community to reconsider chemical synthesis and establish sustainable techniques. Electro-organic conversion has attracted particular attention from international academia and industry as an environmentally benign and cost-effective technique.

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  • Metal Electrowinning(Electrometallurgy)

    Metal Electrowinning(Electrometallurgy)

    For precious metal refining and primary metal recovery, activated metallic anodes are used to deposit the target metal on cathodes.

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  • Chlor Alkali

    Chlor Alkali

    Dimensionally stable anodes (DSA) have gradually replaced graphite anodes in the chlor-alkali industry due to their excellent electrochemical performance. Titanium is considered an optimum choice for electrode substrate.

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  • Electroplating


    Electroplating is a process where metal cations are driven by applied electric field and being reduced at the cathode surface. Electroplating system consists of a DC power source, a dimensionally stable anode (DSA), electrolyte and workpiece that is going to be plated (cathode).

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