Project Type: Water Treatment

  • Sea Water Desalination

    Sea Water Desalination

    Characterized by two electrodes operating in the electrolyte solution, electrolysis is widely recognized as a high-performing solution for seawater electrochemical processes.

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  • Swimming Pool Disinfection

    Swimming Pool Disinfection

    Electro-chlorination systems safely generate a low strength disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) on-site by electrolysis of a brine solution — using only common salt, water Our engineers handle every aspect of fabrication and electricity.

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  • Sewage Treatment

    Sewage Treatment

    Our solutions for wastewater reuse and discharge focus on organic contaminants degradation, electrochemical oxidation and filtration as well as removal of dissolved solids. With our combination of technologies, you are set to meet legal treatment requirements, all while minimising the operating costs.

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