MMO Tubular Anodes

Our high performance MMO tubular anodes are suitable for use in extreme environments, including high acidity and in the presence of chlorine or oxygen.

More about MMO tubular anodes

Mixed metal oxide tubular anodes (MMO tubular anodes) are manufactured from a pure titanium tubular substrate (ASTM B348 Grade I/II) of high tensile strength coated by an electrocatalytic film of noble metal oxides.


The MMO coating film on the Ti creates a very protective stable layer ensuring a low consumption of the anode. MMO anodes can be used in systems that are designed to last up to and exceeding 40 years


We can produce anodes with differing coating thickness and different Nobel metal oxide ratios. Let us know your operating environment and we can suggest which coating is most suitable.


MMO tubular anodes are suitable for a wide range of applications.


They are used for CP of deep well anodes, shallow vertical ground beds, internal storage tank walls (in string formation) and underground water tanks.


MMO can be used as an anti-fouling electrode and in water treatment.