Project: CCell coral reef solution

We’re proud to have been part of an innovative solution to the destruction of coral reefs, working with technology company CCell on its wave-powered coral reef creation.

Why protect coral reefs?


Coral reefs form a unique ecosystem that play an important role in protecting coastlines from storms and erosion. According to CCell, more than 70% of the world’s coastlines are being eroded – and it’s thought that the destruction of coral reefs is a major contributor.

Not only that, coral reefs are an essential part of local economies, providing tourism opportunities and jobs. An estimated half a billion people worldwide depend on reefs as a source of income, food and coastal protection.

Sadly, the impact of things like climate change, overfishing and pollution has had serious consequences for coral reefs. The majority of the world’s reefs have already been lost, and it’s estimated that there will be just 10% left by 2040. 


The CCell Solution


CCell has designed a unique solution to regenerate coral reefs. Using Jennings Anodes components, steel structures form an artificial reef that mimics the force of waves on natural reefs and eventually results in a living reef.


The steel structure is placed on the seabed alongside wave paddles that harness renewable electricity from the waves. Power is then distributed across the reef and drives a process that extracts the natural minerals from seawater to create limestone rock around the frames. The structure then provides an ideal base for divers to seed with corals, providing a barrier for the coastline while also re-building a healthy ecosystem.