MMO Ribbon & Ti Conductor Bar

MMO ribbon and mesh are highly conductive anodes with a low consumption rate and life expectancy can be expected to exceed 50 years based on a 3A/M2 current density.

Our MMO ribbon and mesh are manufactured using a bespoke automated production line which ensures meticulous titanium substrate preparation and a homogenous coating application with superior adhesion properties, while still maintaining a production capacity of up to one million meters annually.

Why use MMO ribbon?

MMO ribbon is often spot welded to titanium conductor bar forming a grid arrangement. The Ti conductor bar is used to distribute the CP current throughout the system under tank bottoms, providing a system with an even distribution of current.


MMO ribbon is suitable for both new and old structures, as well as steel reinforced concrete structures. MMO ribbon is also used for cathodic protection applications where there is a high current demand and limited space.


Ribbon is suitable to be directly buried into fine sand without any need for carbon backfill.


Power feed connectors (a 12.7 x 0.9 x 100mm strip of titanium conductor bar spot welded to a length of titanium wire to which a power source can be connected using a splice kit) are commonly supplied with ribbon and Ti conductor bar.


Product features:

  • Durable and long lasting (exceeding 50 years)
  • Light weight – easy to transport and handle
  • Flexible and quick to install
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance in acidic medium