MMO Linear Anode

Our MMO linear anode is commonly used to provide ICCP to buried pipelines, the bottom of above ground storage tanks and buried structures in confined spaces.


MMO Linear Anode features

Our MMO linear anodes are comprised of a parallel assembly of high-grade MMO wire and a copper insulated cable which are closely joined together with a low resistance crimping mechanism at designated intervals along their lengths. The cable can be Halar, HMWPE or Kynar/HMWPE of varying sizes depending on current required and is sized for different situations.


The connections are sealed with epoxy resin and enclosed in a heat shrink capsule to ensure water resistance.


The MMO wire and cable assembly is housed in a heat-sealed heavy duty continuous non-woven fabric filled with conductive coke breeze, and the exterior is tightly woven using a high tensile strength braid to ensure product integrity.


Product features include:

  • Customisable output and lifespan of up to 25 years
  • Lightweight packing reels for ease of transportation and handling
  • Easily cut to appropriate lengths, spliced to other lead cables or linear segments