HSCI Tubular Anodes

We are a leading supplier of High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anodes, manufacturing across two foundries with a production capacity of 3,000 tons annually, having previously manufactured all the Durichlor-51 anodes.


Our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to provide a comprehensive range of HSCI anodes in tubular form to the highest of standards, meeting X-Ray Level 1 as per ASTM E186/E446, chemistry to either ASTM A518-99 Gr 1 or 3.

Why use HSCI Tubular Anodes?

Our HSCI tubular anodes are centrifugally chill cast. The casting mold rotates at over 1000rpm producing a g-force that eliminates any trapped gas from silicon iron and throws any impurities to the inside bore of the anode where they are not harmful. The result is a metal matrix that is tight and dense which increases the life of the anode.

HSCI have a low consumption rate, in addition the centrifugal casting method eliminates the need for a pouring bush. This area on a statically cast anode has been shown to be weak and more prone to accelerated corrosion.


Our HSCI tubular anodes have a stippled outer surface which leads to a high surface area to weight ratio, reducing the number of anodes that are needed to protect any one structure.


Low resistance cable to anode connections with either wedge-lock or bolt connectors at the mid-point of the anode facilitates all anode material is consumed before the anode system will fail, extending the life of the anode.


The cable to anode connection system is quick and efficient, more than 200 anodes can be connected by two people in less than eight hours. Click to watch a video demonstration.


For more information on the benefits of centrifugal cast HSCI anodes please see the following links on our research and presentations: