HSCI Solid Stick Anodes

Jennings Anodes have been manufacturing and supplying HSCI Solid Stick Anodes (Jennings SA Series) for more than 50 years.


We produce more than 3,000 tons per year of our full product line of High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes.

What are HCSI Solid Stick Anodes?

HSCI Solid Stick anodes provide a high performing corrosion protection solution.

Our HSCI are manufactured using a metal or “chill” casting method, which guarantees a rapid solidification of the molten metal which results in a superior grain structure to standard sand-cast anodes.

Chill casting also assures a consistent weight and greater density of the anode, there is less flake grain boundaries and low chemical segregation.

HSCI Anodes are extremely strong and tolerate drop impact tests to more than twice the height of sand-cast anodes.

Stick anodes are available with or without a chrome addition. The chrome addition enhances the performance of the anode.