Zinc Ribbon Anodes

Zinc ribbon is made from a special high-grade zinc (SHG) 99.995% raw material and extruded around a centralised steel core.


We produce a high-performance zinc ribbon anode which has more than 90% current efficiency, meeting and exceeding the highest industrial standards.


Zinc ribbon provides a cost effective and low-maintenance approach to cathodic protection for buried or immersed metallic structures in confined spaces.


Zinc ribbon can tolerate low temperatures and is suitable for remote locations.


Why use zinc ribbon?

Zinc ribbon anodes provide a simple, cost effective, low maintenance method of corrosion control. These attributes makes zinc ribbon anode especially useful for unattended applications where other cathodic protection systems would require unsustainable monitoring or frequent maintenance.


Zinc ribbon anodes can also be used in fresh water, seawater environments.


They are commonly used in underground structures, coated steel pipelines with low current requirements and above ground storage tanks.