Pre-packaged Magnesium Anodes

Pre-packaged magnesium anodes are commonly used to protect buried steel structures.

Bare magnesium anodes are connected with leader cable and centrally packed in a permeable cloth bag (or cardboard carton) which contains backfill.


An outer PE bag for is placed over the packed magnesium anode assembly for protection during shipping and handling.


What are magnesium anodes?

Magnesium anodes are an effective and economical sacrificial anode, used primarily in soil, or occasionally in aqueous environments. 

Magnesium anodes work by creating an easier and more attractive source of oxidation than the steel structures they are connected to.

We manufacture our magnesium anodes using pure magnesium ingot and advanced technology to ensure the purity of the alloy. Our casting process is protected by inert gases so that the anodes do not contain any impurities, such as oxidation slag inclusion and avoid the common defects brought from the conventional hand casting techniques.