Aluminum Condenser Anodes

Aluminium anodes are commonly used in condensers to prevent corrosion taking place, by being bolted to the structure they are protecting.


This is a popular choice of anode as it has a lower weight but a much higher capacity than zinc, and a slower corrosion level than magnesium. It is suitable for use in a range of different water applications.


Why choose aluminium condenser anodes?

Aluminium anodes are a popular choice due to their ability to perform in different water types, such as cooling systems, marine structures and seawater pipelines.

They have a longer lifespan than magnesium and zinc due to their increased current capacity. Aluminium anodes are immune to the calcareous coating menace and are therefore well suited for use in seawater, as well as brackish and fresh water.

Aluminium is not considered a pollutant and is more environmentally friendly.